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Posted: 2013/01/05
Great Service!
I recently completed the process of
setting up a personal blog using an
Amazon EC2 virtual machine instance. R4L
made it easy to add email for my site. When
I had questions about the SSL certificate
process, R4L had the answers. Great Job!
Duane Penzien
R4L Client since: 2005/08/07

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Greylisting Added to Reduce Spam    
The R4L Team has added a new anti-spam measure for all of you that use our Advanced Hosting Service for your email. Greylisting works using server to server communication between the sending server and our AHS servers, so there no changes in how you use your email. Please note however this is not available on the email aliases. For more details on how this new service works, please visit our latest blog post.
Free Hosting with Domain Name Registration!    
Register domain with us to create your own multi-page website and host it on our servers absolutely free.

Free hosting with domain name registration gives you up to 10 MB of web space and we never put any banners or disturbing popup-ads on your website
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What is better than great prices?    
We don’t just make promises. We help make your business identity!

Tired of those “big” domain registrars that make big promises just to take your business for granted?

We provide support that you can count upon!
  • We have an experienced support personnel that answer our toll-free phone 1 (877) 905-6500.
  • You can now reach our support team via secure online chat. Click the Secure Live Support button to connect.
  • We make sure to respond to your query sent on our support email, within one hour. When you need help, our team is there for you.
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Manage Domains Better With Better Domain Management Tools    
Do you have multiple domains to manage? We help you keep track of all the domains with a great multi domain management tool. You can also register for new domains with us. Just enter name of domains to look up and check if it is available.
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Our prices for one year domain name registration starts at just $15.95 US and with the registration points that you earn, it can go as low as $12.95 US, and that includes 10MB of free hosting with your domain name registration! Type in the domain name you are looking for in the form above and click the look up now button to do your domains lookup. We think you'll find Register4Less one of the easiest sites to do your domain search.
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Our Affiliate Program    
This is a smart way to earn commissions on each new domain name registration or transfer customer you bring to us. And It’s free to join!
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